2019 Tech News Bingo

GNOME's next release brings us a brand new and totally useful GTK 3 app: 'GNOME Tautology.'

The app accepts user input and just repeats it back to them... all with a gorgeous rendered UI and copious a e s t h e t i c

In 2019, four video game streaming platforms will launch.

They will all die within two years because streaming video games is a stupid and terrible idea.

To remain competetive, Steam will reduce its revenue split with developers.

To compensate for the loss in revenue, Valve opens the floodgates and allows everyone else to publish crap on Steam.

Despite their saying otherwise, Epic brings their storefront to Linux along with a very popular first-party title.

Windows gamers complain that Fortnite is somehow harder to play on Linux "because the terminal"

Valve announces their next game, and the hardware required to play it.

And the game and harware actually get released, too! On December 21st, 2025.

Other Linux game storefronts adopt Proton and contribute code back to the project.

Amusingly, Mac users still don't get any of that sweet, sweet Proton love.

Austrailia bans the use of Free and Open Source software.

Their reasoning: open source is "too secure to ensure national security."

KaiOS gains a significant foothold in western markets, one that continues to grow through 2019.

They announce that the base HTML engine is to be migrated from Firefox to Chromium.

In 2019, Gardiner finally finishes DistroQuest.

He ends up settling with Solus.

For the first time, sales of electric and hybrid vehicles eclipse that of traditional gas-powered cars.

In other news, human beings are still objectively terrible at driving.

Microsoft announces the deprecation of 'backwards compatibility and legacy applications' in Windows 10.

The update removing these features breaks Windows Update, Edge, and The Windows Store, leaving users with an objectively better version of Windows than they had before.

Facebook looses 60% of their market share as another year full of scandals, mismanagement, and apathy degrade consumer confidence.

MySpace seizes on the opportunity and allows users to bling their profiles with animated GIFs like it's 2002 all over again.

The video game industry edges closer to the economic precipice.
(Free Space)

Nobody foresaw the great video game crash of the Roarin' 2020's... except for like... Jim Sterling.

Declining sales and stagnant innovation force Apple to announces that Tim Cook is resigning as CEO.

After several months of strugging to find a replacement, Microsoft aquires the tech giant for $559 billion, puts Steve Ballmer in charge.

BitCoin dies in 2019.

It's replaced by a fork of the project that allows for quote: "takesies-backsies".

2019 is a banner year for System76's Pop!_OS

They launch several innovative ideas and progress the Linux desktop as a whole.

In 2019, yet another Chromium derivative gets the fleeting glympse of mainstream attention...

The twist? It's actually a web browser written entirely in JavaScript and distributed as an Electron app.

Online privacy headlines dominate the news through 2019.

Facebook launches an awful ad campaign about how bad social networks are. You know, like how the tobacco industry makes those cringey anti-smoking ads to make smoking seem cool.

In 2019, YouTube reveals their plan to "Modernize" the platform.

Instead of fixing the Subscription feed, YT shows off a new feature called Shadowpuppet, which makes livestreaming shadowpuppetry easier.

Purism shows off a previously unannounced feature of the Librem 5 Phone.

Said feature is a hardware kill switch for the power button, allowing users to never turn the phone on and rendering it invulnerable to exploits of any kind.

Ubuntu announces plans to upgrade their installer.

All versions of the Ubuntu installer — including Ubuntu Server — will be based on Electron and require at least 2 gigabyte of RAM to even boot.

The Linux Gamer gains 25,000 subscribers in 2019.

...despite the fact that thousands of Salty Seacaptains aboard the SS Shitpost unsubscribe en masse when they realize that Gardiner has put like 100 hours into Super Smash Bros Ultimate

LinusTechTips launches a dedicated Linux series on their channel.

It's surprisingly pretty good.

Elon Musk makes history with a SpaceX rocket launch.

Musk loads a secret biological payload into a Falcon 9 rocket destined to crashland on Mars, thus beginning terraforming the surface.

The remaining AAA publishers without PC storefronts all announce they're releasing their own competitors to Steam

Upon joining the race to the bottom, Activision promises a -2% revenue split.