Who are you, what's this all about?

My name is Gardiner. I run The Linux Gamer, a video series about (you guessed it) Linux and video games. You can find my work over on YouTube, Vid.me, and Twitch.

I am a life-long gamer who has, for the past decade, called Linux my home. I believe in the power of open source software and I'm not afraid to preach about it. After reaching 20k subscribers today

The Linux Gamer has been known to feature:

RONCETH is my guide when it comes to The Linux Gamer. Producing videos in these categories enables me to have a well-rounded breadth of content.

I've been producing TLG for over three years, now. In that time I've learned a thing or two:

  1. Levity is important
  2. Never read YouTube comments on a video that's over one week old (that shit gets toxic)
  3. Do what you love and be yourself, everything else comes naturally

Speaking of levity:

Supporting the show

If you like what I do, you can always support TLG by sharing videos, talking about the channel with your friends, and, of course, disabling AdBlock. Or, if you're into the cold, hard cash thing, check out the donation page.