The Linux Game Jam 2018

Whoa, what’s that?! It's that time of the year already? Yep, The Linux Game Jam 2018 is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ve spent the last few months thinking about The Linux Game Jam and how we can improve the experience for everyone participating this year and I think I’ve come up with something fun.

Last year we didn’t have a theme and many participants said they wanted one. So for this year’s jam, we’re gonna keep it loose, but still have a theme. That theme is, “versatile verbs.”

What does that mean? Well, the concept is simple. If your character can jump, then he should be able to jump in many different ways. Tapping the jump button results in a short jump, while holding results in a higher jump.

But it also means that different mechanics can interact with each other in various ways. For example: jumping while crouched could mean doing a backflip, or with enough forward momentum, it could lead to a longjump. Obviously I’m borrowing a lot of my inspirations here from Super Mario games…

For more on this subject, I highly recommend you go check out Mark Brown’s Game Maker’s Toolkit. That’s where I first heard this term and he does a great job of explaining it. There’s a video about versatile verbs as a card and down in the description.

Now for the details… the jam starts THIS FRIDAY MORNING (April 6th) and the jam ends 11:59:59 Saturday the 14th eastern standard time.

You get a full 8 days to work on your submission. This time, submissions will be ranked by the judges… that’s right, this year we have some judges. How it works is as follows:

It’s pretty simple: The guest judges will have the opportunity to play your games and then we will have a group discussion about which games stood out to us. It’s pretty exciting, especially since we’ll be having Bryan Lunduke, Wendell from Level1, and Cassidy from ElementaryOS as guest judges. I’ve also invited a few other people to be judges and I’m waiting to hear back from them.

So everyone who joins the jam, whether you submit something or not, will be able to vote on which games they like the best. I’ll be playing games for the whole week and I’ll be streaming over on, so make sure you head over there to watch and participate. Once the jam ends, the judges and I will have a roundtable discussion about the games that stood out to us, and the judges will pick their own top 10s. There are no losers, by any means… as I’m sure that each judge will have their own unique list of games they liked. I’ll then try to interview the people or teams that submitted the best content.

Alright… So let’s talk about the rules:

Cool. So now we’re cooking. Check out the link to the official itch page down in the description, join the community and team up! If you are an artist with no coding skills, let people know you want to help! The same goes for coders with no artistic persuasion.

I can’t wait to see what you guys make and here’s to another year of Linux Gaming!!