Hey everyone, unfortunately my livestream got cut short, but I want to take a moment to thank everyone who participated. I want to thank everyone who shared their unique perspective on the things that make Linux a wonderful community to be a part of. Your talent and contributions to the community make it the most vibrant tribe I've ever called my own. Thank you.

There were a few blog posts submitted to the project:

There was also a project submitted by GitHub user ajyotirmay.

He also submitted this in an email:

I guess this is my entry for "Why I use Linux". I use it because Linux makes it easier for me to control various parts of the system. One such thing is that my laptop has a bad battery, and it takes a hit if I leave it plugged in for a longer time. Some manufacturers provide tools for Window which alert the user about the battery's charge level, but it was really difficult for me to find something for Linux.

Thanks to the low entry barrier for BASH scripting and the tremendous amount of blogs by Linux users describing the scripting part, that I decided to create something to help myself out here. So, this is the project I worked on, to alert me when the battery is charged or when it needs charging. I'm linking my project, feel free to have a look at it. :)

PerplexativeKhat on Discord writes:

I originally picked up Linux out of curiosity, but kept using it because it actually worked without bullshit. It actually ran well, it woulden't crash. It woulden't shove drive-wiping updates down my throat. It just worked.

I still keep Windows out of neccesity for some things, but otherwise I'm using something that works.

And last, but certainly not least, are the YouTube videos that were created for this project. Here is the full YouTube playlist:

Many people submitted their reasons as Tweets:

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