Announcing The "Why I Use Linux" Project

It's pretty simple:

  1. Make something that explains your choice to be Linux user (and enthusiasm for it).
    For example:
    • Make a YouTube video talking about Linux
    • Build a gadget that conveys your love for Linux
    • Design a 3D-printed MacGuffin that shares your passion for Linux
    • Do a claymation short film featuring Tux
    • Engineer an app that helps people become Linux users
    • Write a blog post that talks about Linux and it's virtues
    • Be creative and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!
  2. Have your entry completed on or before November 24th
  3. Submit your entry on Twitter with the #WhyIUseLinux
  4. Tune in to twitch on the 25th where I review each entry (I may have a special guest)

You can make your project alone or in teams. You can build it publicly or in solitude. Do something awesome and let's have fun!

‡ You may also submit your projects to my email address. Put #WhyIUseLinux in the subject line.

Watch the announcement video: