Ethics Statement & Disclosure Policy

Every once-in-a-while I consider myself a games journalist and I believe it's important to have a statement of ethics. So here are a few of the things I think it's crucial you know:

Review Standards

  • Games must run well immediately after downloading or with minimal, unobtrusive first run configuration.
  • I review games as they're published on The Humble Store, GOG, and Steam. Games that are packaged in a WINE wrapper, or with eON or other 'non-native' solutions are eligible for review.
    • It is my belief that 'non-native' ports are a valid means of migrating older software titles which utilize proprietary, non-native middleware. I will not critique older games simply because they're non-native.
    • However, I believe it is unacceptable for a developer/publisher to port new software titles to Linux using these third-party, non-native solutions. As developers, they should've learned by now that the middleware and engine you choose is worthless if they're not completely cross-platform.
  • I will not recommend crippled, shoddy ports (missing obvious key features or configuration options that the Windows or OSX versions have).
    • I will not preclude a game for not having a given feature if it's not available on other platforms (example: lack of rebindable controls, etc.)
    • I cannot guarantee that I will even notice missing non-obvious features (example: lack of PhysX support in Linux).
  • I do not discuss my reviews with developers/publishers before I publish them.
    • If I have a prerelease copy of a game, I will submit bug reports and offer useful input to the developers. Should a developer use some of my input in their game, it will not effect my review of the game.
  • I cannot guarantee that a game I've recommended will work on your hardware/driver/distro combination.
  • If you give me a review copy of your game, it does not guarantee it will be recommended (or that it will even be reviewed); all games are subject to these above guidelines.

Full Disclosure

  • Sometimes, games are provided to me from the publisher or developer.
    • I will fully disclose where I obtain a copy of the game I review.
  • My reviews are my opinion and are not compromised by outside interests.
    • If I have a financial stake in a project I'm covering, I will disclose it (examples being; a Kickstarter project I've supported, etc.)

Non-video Game Stuff

Similar to the above standards, I will tell you what I think about whatever I'm reviewing whether I was given a review unit or I paid for the thing myself. If I recieved a free item and it's featured on the channel, I'll tell you, straight up, that I got it for free. It doesn't change my opinion of the thing.